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WHY ORASCOPTIC As an industry leader, Orascoptic is constantly pushing the limits to provide doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals with the latest products that achieve superior visualization through enhanced ergonomics, improved magnification, and better illumination. Our collection of surgical loupes, dental loupes, and hygiene loupes offer extraordinary visual clarity throughout the entire viewing field, while also providing excellent field width and depth. Paired with a surgical or dental

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Braemar Finance

“Fast Track” your patient’s finance options Braemar Finance offers a patient funding solution; ‘Fast Track’ which enables dental patients to apply for a credit facility to finance a selected procedure or treatment. Fast Track is designed both for sole practitioners / small partnerships and larger corporate groups who want to be able to offer a no-frills funding option to their clientele. It is available online and consumers can either

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JUVORA Ltd, part of the Invibio group of UK companies, champions the use of high performance polymers in dentistry. We want to challenge the status quo with a premium alternative to metal. We enable the state-of-the-art and the future – where things are made from PEEK polymers, using modern, digital and easier methods. Orthopaedic surgeons have known the secret of using Invibio biomaterials instead of metals since 1999 and

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Allport & Vincent

At Allport & Vincent, we believe that excellent relationships with our clients are fundamental to producing the highest quality crown, bridge, prosthetic and implant restorations. Achieving this requires a commitment to excellence in absolutely everything we do, from our technical assistance and casework construction to our daily pick-up and delivery service. However, it extends further than that, it is a commitment that compels us to perform far more than

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NSK UK – Create It! NSK is bringing its extensive range of innovative products catering for all areas of dentistry to the BARD 2016 Conference, including the new Ti-Max Z air turbine series, offering one the most powerful air turbines available to dental professionals, the Z900L, with a sensational 26W* power output. Also popular is the NSK’s Ti-Max Z95L contra-angle, powered by an electric micromotor. The 1:5 gearing ratio

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Osstem Implants specialises in the provision of dental implants around the world. In order to meet global trends, Osstem has been consistently expanding R&D investment and innovation with the goal of delivering the best quality. As a result, we are confident that our technology and quality are world class. We are a leading company in the field of dental Implants. Osstem Implants is marketing various new products including premium implants

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For Better Dentistry As dedicated partners to the dental profession, and provider of innovative solutions ‘For Better Dentistry’, DENTSPLY has been partnering with the dental profession for nearly 200 years, helping dental professionals serve patients’ oral health care for a lifetime, from preventive services to tooth replacement. DENTSPLY is continually investing in research and development to launch market leading products including Cavitron®, WaveOne® GOLD, CeramX® , SDR®, ASTRA TECH

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