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For Better Dentistry

As dedicated partners to the dental profession, and provider of innovative solutions ‘For Better Dentistry’, DENTSPLY has been partnering with the dental profession for nearly 200 years, helping dental professionals serve patients’ oral health care for a lifetime, from preventive services to tooth replacement.
DENTSPLY is continually investing in research and development to launch market leading products including Cavitron®, WaveOne® GOLD, CeramX® , SDR®, ASTRA TECH and cercon® ht, to name a few.

It is our belief that the small things we do when we develop dental products can make a big difference to your working day in practice and to the exacting care which you provide to your patients. We strive to help shape the future of dentistry with a focus on making working life easier and helping you to achieve patient satisfaction.

DENTSPLY oral health products range from general dental consumables through preventative solutions, restorative products to specialist products for endodontics. Dental professionals can rely on DENTSPLY to deliver dental solutions with a strong focus on quality, innovation and service, via products that serve their patients’ complete oral health needs.

DENTSPLY Implants is built upon the fundamental values of being open-minded and passionate about the services we offer and the way we do business. Every step of the way – from treatment planning, bone regeneration and implants, through to prefabricated and patient-specific, implant-supported restorations—we provide a full range of premium solutions that allow for optimal and long-term, individualised results. Our innovations are designed to support the demands of simple to challenging cases, as well as alternative protocols for increased patient comfort, reduced treatment time and simplified procedures.

DENTSPLY DeguDent – Prosthetics is our strength

DeguDent develops and produces high-quality materials, instruments and devices for dental laboratories all over the world.

Our CAD/CAM material options offer customised processing solutions for any laboratory. When treatment providers and dental technicians opt for Cercon smart ceramics, they arguably choose the clinically best-documented zirconia system on the market. This entails maximum safety for patients, treatment providers and laboratories alike. DeguDent leads the market for precious dental alloys offering alloys for virtually any indication. Ongoing research and development underscores the importance of these well-proven materials.
The DeguDent range of denture teeth includes the Genios, Xena, Bioplus, Artiplus, Biostabil, Cosmo HXL and Dentacryl lines, covering all indications in the realm of removable restorations.

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