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JUVORA Ltd, part of the Invibio group of UK companies, champions the use of high performance polymers in dentistry. We want to challenge the status quo with a premium alternative to metal. We enable the state-of-the-art and the future – where things are made from PEEK polymers, using modern, digital and easier methods. Orthopaedic surgeons have known the secret of using Invibio biomaterials instead of metals since 1999 and in 5 million devices. Now, through JUVORA, this same technology is available to dentistry.


“the potential forces … on the prosthesis … the treatment plan should be modified to decrease the stress on the system” – Dr. Carl Misch (1)

“In dental prosthetics… we are still living in the 19th century… All of these materials and methods need to be improved” – Paolo Malo (2)

JUVORA can be used as a structural framework for implant borne, fixed and removable prosthetics. Unlike metal, JUVORA more closely matches the flexural modulus properties of bone, transferring loads in the mouth more in harmony with the natural tissue. It offers 26 times more shock absorption than titanium (50 times more than chrome). This slight flex helps compensate for any excessive forces, whilst still giving high performance. Rather like the shock absorbers in your car, a JUVORA frame aids everyday comfort of the patient whilst also helping reduce the risk of damage. This is particularly of interest for addressing parafunction, which can affect up to 80% of population (3).

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JUVORA uses a digital CAD/CAM workflow because it is digitally precise, reproducible and efficient – whilst still allowing the high value customisation. Combined with the biomaterial properties (such as improved resistance to fatigue failure compared to metal), a comfortable, retained fit can be achieved. In an independently commissioned survey of 426 denture wearers, 77% would have paid more for a better fit and 76% of patients wanted more comfort (4). 96% of JUVORA patients score in the top categories for comfort.

Only the JUVORA product comes from the inventors of PEEK and is backed by 30 years experience of use in highly demanding industrial applications.



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Shaping the Future of Dental Prostheses

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