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NSK is bringing its extensive range of innovative products catering for all areas of dentistry to the BARD 2016 Conference, including the new Ti-Max Z air turbine series, offering one the most powerful air turbines available to dental professionals, the Z900L, with a sensational 26W* power output. Also popular is the NSK’s Ti-Max Z95L contra-angle, powered by an electric micromotor. The 1:5 gearing ratio means that the 40,000RPM produced by the motor produces 200,000RPM from the handpiece to deliver incredible torque and precision in all restorative procedures.


“The Ti-Max Z95L Contra-angle is a high quality product offering superior performance and exceptional benefits. 
The use of the speed-increasing handpiece is a must for the finesse of the preparation and for margin and retention features. The speed-increasing handpiece allows the dentist to cut a more precise preparation because you have more control.”
Dr Paul A Tipton BDS, MSc, DGDP UK Specialist in Prosthodontics and President of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry

The NSK Ti-Max Z45L is the world’s first 45° contra-angle and it has been awarded GOLD in the Dental & ENT Surgical Tools category at the 2015 Edison Awards™. The Edison Awards are recognised as one of the highest accolades a company can receive in business and innovation, honouring excellence in new product and service development. Now considered a “game-changer” within the field of minimally invasive dentistry, the Ti-Max Z45L delivers smooth control, powerful torque and complete operational visibility thanks to its 45°angled head, facilitating access to the molar region which standard contra-angles simply can’t match.

To aid the effective delivery of minimally invasive treatments, NSK have developed the
S-Max pico. It has the smallest neck and head size of any turbine in the world**, ensuring wider visibility and a more comfortable operation.

Delivering Decontamination
Decontamination is top of the list in terms of complience and NSK’s new iCare+ washer-disinfector system offers fast, relible and easy to use automatic cleaning for up to four instruments at a time. In addition, the NSK’s autoclave range has seen the introduction of the iClave which combines high performance with a compact and elegant design.


Made from the most advanced materials and components, the NSK iClave sterilisation system combines a compact, elegant design with hospital standard performance. Equipped with a powerful vacuum pump that enables total air expulsion, the NSK iClave reliably sterilises all types of instruments and equipment including the internal surfaces of handpieces. Moreover, the pump generates a ‘forced’ ventilation to deliver perfectly dry instruments at the end of the sterilisation process.

In less than 20 minutes, the iClave quickly and securely sterilises both wrapped and non-wrapped instruments, as the three temperature sensors control the steam and eliminate the risk of early deterioration. Plus, the iClave’s large chamber volume means you can sterilise more of your instruments (+20%), whilst the optional integrated USB log allows all sterilisation cycles to be saved and documented.

To find out more about NSK’s products visit the our stand at the BARD conference and view the range of offers available, including NSK’s no obligation 10-day ‘try before you buy’ and equipment rental scheme, or alternatively call NSK on 0800 634 1909 or contact your preferred dental dealer.

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*Power output measured by NSK internal research department.
** As of March 2011

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