We are passionate about our profession and strive for clinical excellence. We continually develop our skill sets and we give back to those less fortunate. We are the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD). We commit to excellence through the following:

  • BARD Certification
  • BARD Diploma
  • BARD Fellowship
  • BARD’s Bi-Annual Scientific Conference
  • Find a Dentist Facility for Patients
  • Professional Marketing Materials
  • Financial Incentives from Business Partners
  • Worldwide Affiliates
  • BARD Charitable Foundation
  • Annual membership certificate for framing
  • Online E certificate for your Website
  • Study Club Meetings
  • Mentoring availability for Difficult Cases
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Opportunity to Start Lecturing
  • Lecturing Mentorship


Basic Membership Cost
1 Year £125
Certified Members
1 Years £195
1 Years £295
1 Years £395
Dental Technicians
1 Years £95
Dental Care Professionals (Therapists/Hygienists)
1 Years £75
1 Years £75
1 Years £50
Overseas Membership
1 Years £75
Corporate Members
(see Corporate Members section)

BARD Membership Application

To become a member of BARD simply complete this application form and once we receive your first payment you’ll be a certified member of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry. Following that your training is in your hands. See below for the levels you can achieve in the Academy.

STEP 1: Pick the appropriate membership category

level 1- Membership - complete the forms pay and you are a member

level 2- Certification - you have done a number of certified cpd lecture hours and submit case studies for approval

level 3 - Diploma -  as for 2 and pass the diploma examination

level 4 – Fellowship - pass an interview / viva or have a masters degree in a Restorative Dentistry related subject

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