Beaumonts takes a very particular view of the service
we deliver to our clients.

This is why we have chosen to operate in a very different way to the traditional methods offered by most insurance brokers.

At the heart of this difference is the way that we continually build mutual knowledge with our clients – deep knowledge being a fundamental foundation of providing an external risk manager service.

From this foundation, we create a strong bond with our clients through our quarterly business and claims reviews; a method of communication that produces consistently excellent results.

Our intense service ensures that our clients have a strong understanding of the risks and threats that face their businesses and, from this knowledge, they can be assured that their insurance programme is always exceptionally good value.

In a fast changing world, where brokers are even being owned by insurance companies and vice versa, Beaumonts is a beacon of true independence, with an array of services and resources united by a common commitment to delivering the exceptional.

For all enquiries please telephone customer service on 0845 607 6154.


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