Natural+™ – The Natural Solution to Teeth Whitening

Natural+™ teeth whitening system is now available in the UK for dental professionals. The Natural+™ teeth whitening system meets all the requirements of the new UK teeth bleaching legislation.

Natural+™ gets results in just 60 minutes with virtually no chair time.

Natural+™ is 100% ecological, biodegradable and a true neutral pH whitening gel that guarantees virtually no patient sensitivity and no shade regression. Due to its unique 6% stabilized hydrogen peroxide and slow release formula dentists can now treat any tooth stain with confidence, including tetracycline.

Natural+ is not like other teeth whitening systems. It is a unique in its results, 100% effective, safer and faster than any other product available today. Natural+™ is recommended by some of the worlds leading dentists including Dr Bernard Touati.

For more information or to order the patented Natural+ teeth whitening go to , email or telephone 0161 – 408 – 0200

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